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"Longings For Home" Piano C.D.

Price: $12.00 + $4.00 s/h

Recorded by Scott James Hybl at Northstar
©2006 Zolday Music. All rights reserved.


As romantic as the evening air in the lavender fields, this CD will bring reflection and serenity.  Played by Camille's Lavender owner, Pamela, this is a gift for you or that someone that will give a lifetime of enjoyment.

You can download 10 second sample clips below.

Alexander Scriabin (1872 - 1915)

  1. Prelude Opus 11 No.9 | Sample
  2. Prelude Opus 11 No.22 | Sample
  3. Prelude Opus 11 No.5 | Sample
  4. Prelude Opus 11 No.10 | Sample
  5. Prelude Opus 11 No.13 | Sample
  6. Prelude Opus 11 No.12 | Sample
  7. Prelude Opus 11 No.1 | Sample
  8. Prelude Opus 11 No.20 | Sample
  9. Prelude Opus 11 No.21 | Sample
  10. Prelude Opus 11 No.2 | Sample
  11. Prelude Opus 11 No.4 | Sample
  12. Prelude Opus 11 No.15 | Sample

Listener Feedback

"Everything about it is pure class……………"

Pete Sandrock, Lawyer
Portland, Oregon

"……….it is gorgeous, wonderful and yummy!"

Dale Celidore, Pharmacist
Sebastopol, California

"such warmth………it was all there."

Jill Timmons, Concert Pianist
Lake Oswego, Oregon


Jana Goncheroff,  Retired
Santa Fe, New Mexico

"……… is very lovely and sincere."

Paul Roberts, Writer/Pianist
East Sussex, England

"……particularly impressed by that lovely cantabile tone….."

Caitriona Bolster,  Classical Radio
Eugene, Oregon

Concert Photos & Reviews

Spotlight CD Review

Pamela Celeste Weber's recording offers 12 of the 24 Preludes which make up Scriabin's Op. 11.  She has clearly chosen those Preludes which best reflect her CD's theme, Longings For Home, also expressed in a moving poem by the pianist in the accompanying booklet.

Scriabin, who was a lifelong spiritual seeker, was later given to mystical excesses in his music.  But not in these early Preludes.  Pamela Celeste Weber finds a spare melancholy and steady yearning in the pieces she has selected.  She explores these moods with a scrupulously clean, lyrical articulation and beautiful singing tone with which she weaves her fabric.  She brings a prayerful solemnity to several of the Preludes, but also can let loose the occasional passionate outburst (No. 20), clearly in command of Scriabin's rich chordal harmonies.

The CD itself is attractively produced with photographs of the artist and her dog on the Lavender Farm in Oregon which she now calls home.  If you want music to listen to while you contemplate your own Longings For Home and what that may mean for you, this collection would be a good choice.

Caitriona Bolster
Classical Radio Announcer for KWAX in Eugene, Oregon.

Words About Performance

“Pamela Celeste Weber, our pianist for the evening, really outdid herself... her performance was flawless...”

~ Dick Fowler (The Reporter)
Newport Performing Arts Center, February 14th 2012

“Our February 14, Valentines concert was music extraordinaire, and (Pamela’s) talent powerfully moved the audience.”
~ Dr. Rick Letherer (Newport Rotary International Service Director)
Newport Performing Arts Center, February 14th 2012

“Your program was outstanding... I am in awe..."
~ Ramona Martin (pianist)
Newport Performing Arts Center, February 14th 2012


“It was a great performance... we talked about it for days!!”
~ Errol Carlson
Newport Performing Arts Center, February 14th 2012

“Awesome  Concert!!!”  “ We had 255 people and 11 students attend ---and gave you rave reviews!”
~ Linda Kilbride (Concert Director)Newport Performing Arts Center, February 14th 2012


….“restrained energy, youthful maturity, priceless treasure, rapturous, transporting, gracious, marvelous, even magical.  All (words) inadequate to the task.”
~ Patty Jackson of Florence, Oregon
Florence Event Center, January 2007